I struggled for a long time with survivin'. And you- No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for.

Angel’s Egg (1985) dir. Mamoru Oshii

"The bird I saw, I can’t even remember where or when, it was so long ago. Perhaps it was a dream. Maybe you and I and the fish exist only in the memory of a person who is gone. Maybe no one really exists and it is only raining outside."

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how rare and beautiful it is to even exist. (listen)

"He taught me to be strong. Even when I’m scared. Because he wanted me to live." A mix inspired by Clementine and the events in TWDG: Season 2.

I’m just so grateful that Clementine survives.

This is all I know how to do, carry loss around until
I begin to resemble every bad memory,
every terrible fear,
every nightmare anyone has ever had.
Warsan Shire, “The Unbearable Weight of Staying” (via keexperience)

"I’m scared, Lee."

"What can I tell you to make it better?"

"That it’ll be okay."

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so many things unclear, so many things unknown

34 / - les misérables lyrics


- Will you help me?
- You shouldn’t have been listening.
- I wasn’t. I didn’t need to. That was me talking.

ARTIST: BioShock Infinite
SONG: Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Choral version)
ALBUM: BioShock Infinite


Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Choral version) from BioShock Infinite

This is the song that plays when you first enter Columbia. That whole sequence, from stepping out of the pod and until the baptism is incredibly fantastic in about a million different ways, and is one of very few actually perfect experiences I’ve had in gaming.

(This song is taken straight from the game files, and is probably slightly different from the one that’s included on the soundtrack that came with the collector’s editions of the game)

Mr. Bubbles, Mr. Bubbles, are you there? Are you there? Come and give me lollies, come and bring me toffees. Teddy bears, teddy bears.

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it's all right, i'm here. just let go.